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The key to finding a great wedding photographer is to choose someone that starts working before the wedding. That sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but you have to appreciate that your marriage is almost like the conclusion to a story. It starts with a very big event – getting engaged. Does it make sense […]

Your wedding photos will give the big picture that captures the happiness of your special day. But it’s also important not to forget the little things if you want to have some artistic shots and some great memories. Some wedding photography is all in the details and the individual things that make up your wedding. […]

If you are desperate to say ‘I do’ but your current plans are on hold in these uncertain times, it might be time to reconsider your options. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can use this time to hone your wedding into a more bespoke and meaningful experience for you and your partner. This […]

Kids. We have 3. And a dog. They are all at different schools (apart from the dog who is permanently homeschooled) We’ve spent the last couple of months doing nothing and everything. I can’t say it’s been a smooth ride. But ride it we have and I’m convinced that we’ll all come out of this […]

Adobe Lightroom Mobile on IPad Pro for editing weddings. I’ve been on a mission to have a better work-life balance, so spent some time looking at how I can spend more time with the family and less time in the office. First of all there were the obvious things like streamlining my photography offer, making […]

I first met Becky and Rob at the wedding of their friends Jane and Graeme at Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. This photo was taken at Oddfellows in Chester City centre. It’s a pretty quirky place and has an Alice in Wonderland theme running through it. It’s definitely a place that opens up all sorts […]

How I shot this: An Engagement Session at the Four Seasons in Hamsphire It may be easy to presume that this image is a double exposure. I’m a big fan of double exposures and have been using the in-camera double exposure settings that Canon cameras have at weddings for many years. Whilst double exposures take […]

I’ve not blogged much family stuff of late, but rest assured that we’re still doing stuff and the kids are getting bigger. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to get the camera out on my days off, especially when I’ve been shooting a lot. But I do love documenting the kids growing up as […]

This frame from Natalie and Michael’s wedding at the Hillbark Hotel has to be one of my favourites from last year. I’m so pleased that it picked up an award in the last round of the Wedding Photography Select International Excellence Awards. The wedding of Natalie and Michael took place last October at the Hillbark […]

Speaking at the LTF retreat // Donegal // 2018 After the trip to Ireland I thought I should write something down quickly. I was motivated and enthused, ready to be a better photographer. 5 months on and I’m only just getting around to it.  But the truth is, the motivation is still there, and this […]


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