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Welcome to my blog!

A few images from our trip to Majorca, shot on the EOS R6 with the canon TS-E 45mm tilt and shift lens and rf 35mm 1.8.

There are tons of photos from this past year, which looking back feels like a bit of a dream. The amount of things we were not allowed to are too many to count, but the amount of things we did was equally huge. I wonder how this blip in our lifetimes will be looked back […]

2020 is a distant memory. One of sunny days, zoom quizzes, baking, running, long walks, netflix box sets and postponed weddings. And whilst 2021 started off much the same (but much colder), there is a little optimism in the air. A faint wisp of hope for a summer much different to the last, and a […]

Kids. We have 3. And a dog. They are all at different schools (apart from the dog who is permanently homeschooled) We’ve spent the last couple of months doing nothing and everything. I can’t say it’s been a smooth ride. But ride it we have and I’m convinced that we’ll all come out of this […]

I’ve not blogged much family stuff of late, but rest assured that we’re still doing stuff and the kids are getting bigger. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to get the camera out on my days off, especially when I’ve been shooting a lot. But I do love documenting the kids growing up as […]

Speaking at the LTF retreat // Donegal // 2018 After the trip to Ireland I thought I should write something down quickly. I was motivated and enthused, ready to be a better photographer. 5 months on and I’m only just getting around to it.  But the truth is, the motivation is still there, and this […]

The importance of Photographs There are few things in life I treasure more than the photographs I have. Some are on the walls, some in albums and many hundred are in shoe boxes in the cupboard and each one has it’s own story. As I get a little older and maybe a little wiser, the […]

When I started out in wedding photography some 12 years ago there wasn’t much about in the way of education, networking, social media etc etc. I had to learn my craft and build my business slowly over many years. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m definitely not, and I feel like I’m still learning […]

Phuket, Thailand – A Family Adventure In a world that’s changing so quickly it’s difficult to know what we want for out children. To be successful, to be able to communicate, to be non judgemental, to not be hooked on facebook? Everything moves so fast and we don’t get a minute to take stock, to […]


|  Photos by steven rooney