The little details to capture in your wedding photography

Your wedding photos will give the big picture that captures the happiness of your special day. But it’s also important not to forget the little things if you want to have some artistic shots and some great memories. Some wedding photography is all in the details and the individual things that make up your wedding. You spend a long time putting your wedding together, and the things that get the most attention might end up being the dress, the venue, and other things that make a big impact. If you want to make sure your wedding photographer doesn’t forget about the small things, these are some of the details that should be captured.

Getting Ready

Not every couple chooses to have photos taken of their time spent getting ready. However, this can be one of the most exciting parts of the day, as the anticipation builds, and you can’t wait to get married. If you have getting ready photos taken, there are some fantastic details that you can take pictures of. From the lace on the bride’s gown and the groom’s shoes to the bridesmaids’ jewellery and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, there are lots of little details that can make beautiful photos.

The Rings

You’re probably not going to choose your wedding rings based on how good they’re going to look in your wedding photos. But when you’re browsing for options with your favourite Hatton Garden jewellers, you’ll definitely be looking for something that looks beautiful. You’ll want to wear them for the rest of your lives. Your wedding rings are excellent to photograph before you exchange them, and your photographer can make the most of your surroundings to find fun ways to shoot them. Of course, you might also want some photos of the rings once you have exchanged them.

wedding rings

The Flowers

You can spend a long time choosing your wedding flowers, but they won’t last very long. As well as possibly taking some of your flowers to press, photos of them will help you to preserve them and their memory. There are lots of ways to get some great details of your flowers, whether it’s flowers in the venue or those that the wedding party is wearing or carrying. Your flowers can also be a good background for photographing other things, such as your wedding bands and other jewellery, wedding stationery or anything else that might benefit from some embellishment.

wedding flowers

The Cake

Photos of your wedding cake are a must, but make sure your photographer gets up close to capture the details. Bakers can put a lot of work into decorating a wedding cake, and it’s all gone in seconds once you cut into it, and everyone gets their slice. It’s a shame not to make sure you have a memory of all of the small details before you get to the cake cutting. Save some memories of how beautifully decorated it is.

wedding cake

Capture these small details with your wedding photography, and you’ll have some artistic shots that elevate your photos.

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