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As an ex teacher, I have a passion for education and a genuine desire to help others to succeed. The beauty of mentoring is in using my experience in running a successful business to get to where you want to be in record time. I've trained more than 100 wedding photographers over the past 6 years, helped people to balance their photography with another job and helped people break out and go full time. 

Guiding wedding photographers to a better business

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"spoiler alert, this course is a game changer"


Patreon is a membership programme with exclusive video content and access to me as a friend and mentor. I want to help people and get many requests asking for help and advice and as much as I'd like to I can't help everyone for free. I just don't have the time. 

It's only £4 per month (no subscription required) - This is a token fee to help me free up time to create videos and help you. It's like buying me a pint for my help. 

What is patreon?

What's included in the £4 patreon pledge 

- One month of access to me (ask me anything via the patreon platform or messenger) 
- Access to training videos covering a range of topics and behind the scenes footage from real weddings and shoots. 
- Presets, overlays and photoshop and lightroom resources.
- The opportunuty to submit images for critique. 

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One day practical workshops covering off camera flash. 

1 day workshops

Monthly coaching via zoom. Focus on specific areas to achieve your goals. 

Coaching - (via patreon)

Supoort me on Patreon - Ask me anything and gain access to and request training videos

PAtreon £4 Membership 

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