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Family Photography


If you're looking for average wedding photography, you've come to the wrong place! 

- 10am to 5pm
- Lunch included
- Flash portraits
- Natural light portraits
- Creativity
- Posing  

£50 for members of Patreon, £250 for non members


- Patreon members can book via the post on the patreon feed. 
- Non Patreon members can either Join Patreon here (more info at the bottom of this page)
or book a place at the full price here

As an qualified teacher and and following 8 years working in further education, I have a passion for education and a genuine desire to help others to succeed. The beauty of coaching and mentoring is in using my experience in running a successful business to get YOU to where you want to be in record time. I've trained more than 100 wedding photographers over the past 6 years, helped people to balance their photography with another job and helped people break out and go full time. 

Guiding wedding photographers to a better business

Using flash for creative portraits. Tried and trusted methods to create wow photos in any location.

Creative flash 


Guidance on how to use flash to improve light in any situation whether for documentary or portraits.

Shooting with flash


A review of your website focusing on improvements to be made to increase the number of conversions
(people who complete the contact form) 

Website review


Initial information gathering followed by a constructive critique of your work identifying areas for action. 

portfolio review


16 Week FAST TRACK Mentoring / Coaching programme - £995 

See desktop version for more info

  • Initial info gathering before the first session to identify areas for improvement
  • Fortnightly 1 hour mentoring /coaching via zoom covering the topics below (can be swapped out for other subjects)
  • Access to all of my previous training videos via my patreon page 
  • Access to me for Q&A any time during the 16 week period and beyond
  • The opportunity to shadow me at a wedding or shoot 
  • A final meeting to assess progress and create and action plan, 

Just starting out or looking for massive improvement in a short space of time? This could be for you! 

Speeding up the editing process, creative editing, composites, cloning, retouching 



Working on improving documentary wedding photography skills. 

Documentary / Reportage


Working with couples or families to engineer reactions and produce interesting frames. Also looking at basic posing skills. 

posing / directing


How to get the most from window light, harsh light and golden hour light for portaiture. 

Natural light portraits



Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

Rest is just as important as hustle. Doing something for yourself? Essential.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe:

Aaron Story Photography 

"Spoiler alert, this course is a game changer"


Patreon is a membership programme with exclusive video content and access to me as a friend and mentor. I want to help people and get many requests asking for help and advice and as much as I'd like to I can't help everyone for free. I just don't have the time. 

It's only £4 per month (no subscription required) - This is a token fee to help me free up time to create videos and help you. It's like buying me a pint for my help. 

Join my patreon group for only £4 per month

What's included in the £4 patreon pledge 

- One month of access to me (ask me anything via the patreon platform or messenger) 
- Access to training videos covering a range of topics and behind the scenes footage from real weddings and shoots. 
- Presets, overlays and photoshop and lightroom resources.
- The opportunuty to submit images for critique. 

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