4 Must Have Photos in the Lead Up to Your Wedding

The key to finding a great wedding photographer is to choose someone that starts working before the wedding. That sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but you have to appreciate that your marriage is almost like the conclusion to a story. It starts with a very big event – getting engaged. Does it make sense to have loads of wedding photos and none commemorating your engagement? For me, the best wedding photographers will help you create a visual story through photos. This way, you can take yourself on a journey as you move through the pictures in the album. It should start with your engagement and chronicle the journey through to the big day. 

Everyone talks about wedding photos, and there are plenty of posts on this blog that provide tips on how to get the best ones. So, I won’t go on about them today. Instead, the focus is on some photos that I think everyone should have in the lead up to your wedding day. Whilst not all common at this point, there are trends building across the globe. 

Proposal recreation

Unless you plan this with a photographer hiding in the bushes, you’re unlikely to get a natural photo of the proposal. It is possible, but you’ll most likely have to recreate it for professional photos later. This is the best place to begin your photo journey as it captures the moment the question was popped.

engagement photo

Engagement ring close-up

Engagement rings are absolutely gorgeous. They shine, they dazzle, and they are impeccably photogenic. As you can see here https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/  engagement rings are awesome when they’re shown close up. So, that’s the idea for your next photo. Here, you get close-ups of the ring on the finger. It’s such a magical image that will imprint itself in your mind for years to come. Perhaps get some of both of you holding hands to symbolize your new union. Just make sure the ring is the main focus of the shot – you want to show it off, that’s the point. 

engagement ring

Engagement party

Of course, you should take photos at the engagement party. My idea is to try and keep the news secret until the party. This will be hard as you’ll have to lie about the party and find an excuse to get your friends and family together. But, it’s worth it when you capture the looks of joy and surprise on people’s faces as you announce you’re engaged! Even if you can’t keep it a secret, photos of the engagement party are always brilliant as they showcase everyone’s happiness for you. 

engagement party

Pre Wedding Shoot

This is a great idea if either you already like photoshoots and want to have a bit of fun, or if you aren’t used to the camera and want to be more comfortable on your wedding day. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you too. It really helps to break the ice ahead of the wedding and means that your photographer can be more like another guest on the day, rather than another vendor you need to look after. Pre-wedding shoots can take place somewhere special to you, or somewhere a little different, maybe another country. 

marakech engagement photo

Overall, the goal is to have a photo album that shows you these photos before your wedding and then moves into the wedding day itself. After, you could even add your own ones from the honeymoon. It comes together to provide a storybook of memories that show your journey from proposal to being a married couple. 

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