Wedding Editing using Lightroom Mobile.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile on IPad Pro for editing weddings.

I’ve been on a mission to have a better work-life balance, so spent some time looking at how I can spend more time with the family and less time in the office. First of all there were the obvious things like streamlining my photography offer, making sure my computers worked at super speed and putting systems and automations in place.

Whilst I could answer emails on the go, I couldn’t really edit without bringing a laptop with me and whilst it worked some of the time, it wasn’t always practical. I came across Lightroom mobile after a conversation with a fellow (non wedding) photographer and decided to give it a try.

I have to say that it’s revolutionised the way that I edit and manage my time. I can edit pretty much anywhere in any space at any time. I’m currently using a 2nd Generation 12.9″ Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil. I find it works faster when it’s not syncing on the go. So I usually save for offline editing then connect up again to sync.

How to use an iPad Pro to edit weddings

Here are the steps I follow when using my iPad Pro to edit weddings.

1) Import and cull the wedding using Photomechanic. I star images I want to be black and white one, and colour images get two stars.

2) Select all and drag and drop into the develop module of Lightroom. I have this set to apply my colour preset on import.

3) Select all one star images and apply my standard black and white preset. Then select all 2 star images and apply my basic colour preset.

4) Add all images to a new collection.

5) In the top left of the screen enable sync.

6) To the left of the collection name, click to start sync.

7) Open Lr Mobile on the IPad and wait for the collection to sync.

8) Save to ipad for offline editing, particularly if you want to edit somewhere without wifi. The image previews don’t take up much space on your ipad.

The editing process.

To edit the images in Lightroom Mobile I use the Apple Pencil, although this isn’t essential. You can tap either side of the sliders to move up and down by small increments, rather than dragging. The pencil also makes it easier to use the brush and spot healing tools. As long as the iPad is connected to the internet, the changes will be synced back to catalogue. Or if you’re not connected, the changes will save then sync once you have a connection.  Where images need a little extra work in photoshop I can flag these on the iPad and get back to them later when I’m at my desktop.

This little video will show you some basic adjustments. Sorry but you can’t see the mouse like you can with the pc recording but I’ll produce a video of me editing a wedding on the Ipad at a later date.

Sharing images using Adobe Lightroom Mobile

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