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Welcome to my blog!

A few images from our trip to Majorca, shot on the EOS R6 with the canon TS-E 45mm tilt and shift lens and rf 35mm 1.8.

Why outsourcing your editing is a slippery slope to commoditisation. Robots can’t be creative. In the past few years we’ve seen the dawn and domination of mirrorless cameras and exponential improvements in software and computing power. Speaking as someone who started shooting on black and white film, moved to digital on a 6 megapixel camera […]

There are tons of photos from this past year, which looking back feels like a bit of a dream. The amount of things we were not allowed to are too many to count, but the amount of things we did was equally huge. I wonder how this blip in our lifetimes will be looked back […]

 Become a Patron! On 15th February I’ll be launching a small photography mentoring group using the Patreon platform. This is not just a bunch of videos like youtube, It’s not just people chatting like in a facebook group and it’s not 1-1 mentoring. This is a platform that I hope will be valuable to those […]

2020 is a distant memory. One of sunny days, zoom quizzes, baking, running, long walks, netflix box sets and postponed weddings. And whilst 2021 started off much the same (but much colder), there is a little optimism in the air. A faint wisp of hope for a summer much different to the last, and a […]

Whilst the vast majority of my photos are documentary in style, meaning that the more you ignore me, the better the photos will be, there are always things that can be done which take very little effort just to make your wedding photos a little better. By guiding my couples and making some plans for […]

Weddings of all kinds exist today and that is one of the most wonderful things about our world as it is. So whether your wedding is themeless, all black or perhaps it is based on your favorite Harry Potter film, you can be sure that the fashion behind it is what is going to create […]

Once you’ve made the leap of faith and become engaged, what do you need to do next? Well, it’s sooooo easy to get carried away with wedding planning and creating visions in your mind about what the day is going to look like. Just remember, at the end of the day, if you get married […]

Wedding planning is a hectic responsibility. With the help of a wedding planner, you can generally make things a lot easier and they’ll be vigilant about making sure that your wedding is perfect. However, if you decide to do it on your own, you might find yourself forgetting things now and then. So in this […]

The key to finding a great wedding photographer is to choose someone that starts working before the wedding. That sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but you have to appreciate that your marriage is almost like the conclusion to a story. It starts with a very big event – getting engaged. Does it make sense […]


|  Photos by steven rooney