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How I shot this: An Engagement Session at the Four Seasons in Hamsphire It may be easy to presume that this image is a double exposure. I’m a big fan of double exposures and have been using the in-camera double exposure settings that Canon cameras have at weddings for many years. Whilst double exposures take […]

I’ve been a long time fan of Wedding Photography Select so I was so pleased to pick up 4 International Excellence Awards in the last round of their competition. Of course there are millions of photography competitions, but from a wedding photographer’s point of view it’s fairly easy to judge the level and the quality […]

When I started out in wedding photography some 12 years ago there wasn’t much about in the way of education, networking, social media etc etc. I had to learn my craft and build my business slowly over many years. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m definitely not, and I feel like I’m still learning […]


|  Photos by steven rooney