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2020 is a distant memory. One of sunny days, zoom quizzes, baking, running, long walks, netflix box sets and postponed weddings. And whilst 2021 started off much the same (but much colder), there is a little optimism in the air. A faint wisp of hope for a summer much different to the last, and a […]

Pour me a gin, there’s another lockdown! Amidst the chaos and bad news this year, 2020 turned out to be pretty special for many families. It was a time to reconnect, to get to know more about each other and watch children grow and learn. It was a time to notice things that we don’t […]

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography? Lifestyle newborn photography is a modern way of photographing your new family member in your own home. It’s more authentic, it’s more comfortable for you, your family and your baby.  And it produces images that will mean so much more for you as your family grows (which happens all too […]

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Carmen and Rob a few years ago at the magnificent Capesthorne Hall and was really pleased to hear they had a new addition to their family. Due to the huge reduction in weddings this year I’ve been shooting a few more families than usual. Having a […]

Kids. We have 3. And a dog. They are all at different schools (apart from the dog who is permanently homeschooled) We’ve spent the last couple of months doing nothing and everything. I can’t say it’s been a smooth ride. But ride it we have and I’m convinced that we’ll all come out of this […]

I’ve not blogged much family stuff of late, but rest assured that we’re still doing stuff and the kids are getting bigger. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to get the camera out on my days off, especially when I’ve been shooting a lot. But I do love documenting the kids growing up as […]

As a professional photographer, I’m constantly conflicted when it comes to getting my camera out of the bag to shoot the everyday goings on of my family. When I’ve been at a wedding… or two, sometimes the last thing I want to do is get the camera out, even though it pains me to see […]

Lifestyle Family Photography at Dunham Massey Whether it’s wedding photography or family photography it’s the emotion that a photograph stirs and the connection between the people in the image that I want to capture. In the case of family photography it’s a snapshot of that time in history. As a parent I really value this type of […]


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