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Why outsourcing your editing is a slippery slope to commoditisation. Robots can’t be creative. In the past few years we’ve seen the dawn and domination of mirrorless cameras and exponential improvements in software and computing power. Speaking as someone who started shooting on black and white film, moved to digital on a 6 megapixel camera […]

Adobe Lightroom Mobile on IPad Pro for editing weddings. I’ve been on a mission to have a better work-life balance, so spent some time looking at how I can spend more time with the family and less time in the office. First of all there were the obvious things like streamlining my photography offer, making […]

I first met Becky and Rob at the wedding of their friends Jane and Graeme at Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. This photo was taken at Oddfellows in Chester City centre. It’s a pretty quirky place and has an Alice in Wonderland theme running through it. It’s definitely a place that opens up all sorts […]

Speaking at the LTF retreat // Donegal // 2018 After the trip to Ireland I thought I should write something down quickly. I was motivated and enthused, ready to be a better photographer. 5 months on and I’m only just getting around to it.  But the truth is, the motivation is still there, and this […]

  In recent years I’ve been privileged to be on the jury for a whole range of photography competitions. These include single image competitions such as WPS International Excellence Awards, Masters of Wedding Photography and the Irish wedding photography awards (In association with Learning to Fly). And with a different focus, I’ve judged a couple […]

What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer? I guess this article is aimed at anyone who has an interest in documentary photography, not necessarily of wedding. Or non photographers who might be in the process of choosing a wedding photographer and are struggling to work out how far or how little your ‘documentary wedding photographer‘ might […]

How I shot this // The Concert Room at St. Georges Hall One of the most grand and historic buildings in Liverpool. St, Georges Hall is a monster of a building which stands out in the City. Both inside and out it’s really a sight to behold. I don’t shoot there very often but every […]

When I started out in wedding photography some 12 years ago there wasn’t much about in the way of education, networking, social media etc etc. I had to learn my craft and build my business slowly over many years. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m definitely not, and I feel like I’m still learning […]

Using Auto-Align in Photoshop to fix Wedding Photos Occasionally in wedding photography, even when you take 10 images of a group of people, there’s still a chance there won’t be a single image of everyone looking at the same time. What with the pressures of time, too many cameras around, and the distractions of other […]

Raindrops at Capesthorne Hall Isn’t it ironic? No, it’s not. It’s pretty typical of weddings in England in the summer! This image was taken using the canon 600 rt speedlite system. A couple of speedlites behind the couple and just a little ambient light from the front. And a cool couple who didn’t really mind […]


|  Photos by steven rooney