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  In recent years I’ve been privileged to be on the jury for a whole range of photography competitions. These include single image competitions such as WPS International Excellence Awards, Masters of Wedding Photography and the Irish wedding photography awards (In association with Learning to Fly). And with a different focus, I’ve judged a couple […]

Seven top tips to get better wedding photographs. Want great wedding photos? Aside from choosing the right photographer for your wedding, here’s a list of 7 practical tips to help your photographer create amazing images for you.   1) Time Don’t rush. The last thing you’ll want to be doing on your wedding day is […]

The importance of Photographs There are few things in life I treasure more than the photographs I have. Some are on the walls, some in albums and many hundred are in shoe boxes in the cupboard and each one has it’s own story. As I get a little older and maybe a little wiser, the […]

What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer? I guess this article is aimed at anyone who has an interest in documentary photography, not necessarily of wedding. Or non photographers who might be in the process of choosing a wedding photographer and are struggling to work out how far or how little your ‘documentary wedding photographer‘ might […]

How I shot this // The Concert Room at St. Georges Hall One of the most grand and historic buildings in Liverpool. St, Georges Hall is a monster of a building which stands out in the City. Both inside and out it’s really a sight to behold. I don’t shoot there very often but every […]

I’ve been a long time fan of Wedding Photography Select so I was so pleased to pick up 4 International Excellence Awards in the last round of their competition. Of course there are millions of photography competitions, but from a wedding photographer’s point of view it’s fairly easy to judge the level and the quality […]

When I started out in wedding photography some 12 years ago there wasn’t much about in the way of education, networking, social media etc etc. I had to learn my craft and build my business slowly over many years. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m definitely not, and I feel like I’m still learning […]

Phuket, Thailand – A Family Adventure In a world that’s changing so quickly it’s difficult to know what we want for out children. To be successful, to be able to communicate, to be non judgemental, to not be hooked on facebook? Everything moves so fast and we don’t get a minute to take stock, to […]

A few things to think about when choosing your wedding photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer could well be the biggest decision you make for your wedding, well, after deciding who to marry! And if you’re spending a lot of time, effort and money on a stunning looking wedding and a perfect day, you’re going to want […]

As I write this I’m still a little jet lagged after a family break and shooting a wedding in Bangkok. But 28 hour journeys sure give a man a little time to reflect, at least when the kids are asleep. It wasn’t until a couple of days in that Sally and I realised how much […]


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