Lockdown gallery


We have 3.

And a dog.

They are all at different schools (apart from the dog who is permanently homeschooled)

We’ve spent the last couple of months doing nothing and everything. I can’t say it’s been a smooth ride. But ride it we have and I’m convinced that we’ll all come out of this better people than we were before. There’s a lot we can teach our children, not just about maths (which is a bit of a stress, to be honest) but about the world, about themselves and about life.

We’ve not learned any new languages, started a new business, or created an online masterclass, but I fell we’ve done so much more. We’ve put our heart and soul into helping these three little free souls discover their own personalities and grow. We’ve learned a lot from them too. In fact not just from them, but about them. We’ve spent time doing things together that usually the pace of modern life doesn’t allow.

Here we are, 7 weeks in and still going strong, and I hope you are too. So from our family to yours, stay strong, live well and look after each other x

Here are a few random frames from when I had a spare hand to hold a camera.

family portraits
corona virus images
apple ikid
olivia dj rooney
family photographer
portrait of lucy
xbox and dog
the trials of homeschool
playing int he garden
cardboard box with child in
camping out
lockdown selfie
joe wicks
maths at home
home school
fancy dress
black and white portrait
photo in the kitchen
dj dancing play
laughing child

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