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Your wedding is a wonderful adventure and the start of an incredible journey. I want to get into the heart and soul of it and create images that will take you back there, to create important and meaningful photographs that will be part of your legacy. I hope to create photographs that go a little deeper than just showing what your wedding looked like, but preserve moments that will bring back memories and give you goose bumps time and time again. 

I believe that weddings should be more about people, love and celebration rather than formality and fuss. And I believe that wedding photography doesn't have to be cheesy, boring, awkward or take a long time. 

are you looking for Emotive and creative photography that will make you laugh, smile and cry for years to come? 

Have you heard what the people say?... 

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When I look back over my journey, it's clear that the universe always conspired to help me become a photographer of people. I honestly couldn't think of a task more suited to me. To share in love stories and witness the beautiful and real emotion of a wedding is an honour I'm extremely grateful for every time I put on my lucky wedding socks.

For me, wedding photography is not a commodity, but another person's personal interpretation of your day. I photograph the things that are important to you, because they are also important to me as a result of my own life experience. Family, love, friendship, fun, raw emotion, spontaneous laughter, tears that come out of nowhere and dancing like no one's watching. 

Why Weddings?

Every time I shoot a wedding I never know how the day will unfold or what photographs I will create. But I'm excited by the opportunity to conjour something new that never existed before. Whilst I aim for perfection in my work, it's not always (almost never) possible, but there is so much beauty to be found in imperfection. I aim to be fully present at your wedding in order to connect with the day and produce images that truly and authentically represent the story of your day. These are the images that you will love and will be a lasting, honest and real account of one of the best days of your life. 

Presence over perfection

my story

Hi, I'm Steven, a professional photographer and educator.  I've been committed to my mission of bringing emotional, creative and 'unboring' wedding photography to fun loving couples since 2005. But more than that, I'm a husband and a Father to 3 awesome children. I'm a sports fan, I like proper flat white and enjoy travel and the great outdoors. Apart from the photography itself, I'm very proud to have mentored many photography students and I'm honoured to be a photography judge for The Wedding Industry Awards. 

I believe in a thing called love 

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Click the link below to check my availability for your wedding.

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It would be great to have a chat with you so I can help you to negotiate the minefield of choosing a wedding photographer.  

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I've helped more than 100 wedding photographers improve their photography and level up their businesses through workshops, mentoring, shadowing and now through my Patreon page. 

Patreon is a no contract subscription feed where I post videos and answer questions for members on wedding photography. Subscription starts at just £4 per month for basic membership and mentoring tiers are also available.  


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