I couldn’t help but be swept along by the atmosphere at this wedding. It was blooming brilliant. I always say that weddings are about people. I’d like to add to that and say that weddings are about people and space hoppers. Jasmine and Curtis were married at Prestbury Church, witnessed by their two children and surrounded by their closest friends and family. The reception was in Rushton Spencer and it was my first time trying my hand at a bit of Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography. 

A Farm Wedding Reception

When you think about Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography the first thing that springs to mind is that tree. Whenever you mention the venue to anyone they always say, ‘you need to take some pictures by the tree’. Now trees, like bridges and fountains, are all well and good. But I don’t really like doing what people tell me to do when it comes to photography, and I don’t like to repeat shots that have been done a hundred times before. Every wedding is unique and I want to keep it that way. So I had an idea in my disorganised mind for a picture with ‘that tree’. I’m chuffed with the results which I couldn’t have achieved without a little help from my friend, Andrew Keher.  Andy was also very helpful with launching space hoppers. It’s a unique skill set and I think he would agree it takes a little practice 😉

Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography

As well as the tree, there’s plenty of other stuff that you might find on a farm, although the cows and sheep were conspicuous by their absence. I did see a tractor and some barns though. Sometimes I find it difficult to get the word count of my wedding blog posts up past three hundred words without waffling on. Did I mention that I worked on a farm once? No? Well I still have the wellies, but that’s a story for another day. I’m on about three hundred and fifty words now so here are some photos.

wedding dress hanging up in cheshire leg and dress little girl pulling a face during make up before the wedding family bridal preparations going cross eyed little girl and grandad fastening cuff links little boy, dad and grandad getting into wedding dress father of the bride groom and ushers and best men welsh male voice choir groom and best man in the church arrival of the bride, processional during the nuptials, christian marriage service readings and church photo of the bride and bridegroom order of service smiling at each other, nice moment showing off wedding rings view down the aisle from the back of the church confetti throwing outside the church in prestbury confetti, colourful, vibrant, laughing outside church bride and groom in the wedding car space hopper children playing on space hoppers the tree at heaton house farm space hoppers at the wedding reception heaton house farm wedding photography, flower details bridesmaids photo group formal photo in the lane, heaton house, rushton spencer, bridesmaids and groomsmen just eh groom and his boys bride and groom, black and white portrait, colour photo of bride and groom children playing near the tree at Heaton House Farm giant jenga comes crashing down speeches, mother of the bride father of the groom Mark Hughes, Stoke City manager father of the bride speech, bride with head in hands, black and white image photograph of the father of the bride doing a speech reactions from the speeches surprise from the groom, bride's shocked reation the bride can't believe it, reaction to a book the groom had kept for many years yellow space hopper baloon release releasing balloons at the farm balloons flying off heaton house farm wedding photography heaton house wedding photographer, space hopper photo boy on piano first dance embrace , lionel ritchie in the background girl jumping whilst her parents dance, flower girl doing a twirl little boy not happy during dancing lionel ritchie singing on the stage singer entertains the wedding guests bridesmaid cheerleader cheerleading bridesmaids groom in pink cowboy hat ymca, dancefloor action bride cheering on the groom photo of the bride in black and white bokeh balls silhouette at farm wedding venue

If you’re in the market for some Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography with a difference, I’d love to hear from you. As you can see, my photography style is mostly documentary, but I do this in a modern and fun way. Nothing cheesy, nothing traditional, just good photography capturing the fun and emotion of your wedding day.

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Nice wedding photography, very nice pictures.