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Ah, the rollercoaster of the past few years has had its share of laughs, but amidst the chaos of 2023, there was this subtle drift back to what we consider ‘normal’ in the enchanted bubble of wedding photography. Post-COVID, we’ve seen styles and trends waltz in and out like they’ve got VIP passes to the Oscars, yet the air is now tinged with a sophisticated ‘vogue style’ vibe in the wedding realm.

There’s a nostalgic déjà vu as some vintage trends make a dramatic comeback, because, well, trends are like the ultimate fashion rebels – they love making an entrance and a fashionable exit. While my style and edits may have pirouetted just a tad, my core mission remains an unwavering anthem. I’m in a perpetual state of exhilaration (ok that sounds a bit dramatic, I think just ‘excited’ would suffice) at the thought of crafting something fresh and extraordinary at each wedding, presenting couples with a timeless masterpiece that gracefully outlasts the ebb and flow of passing trends.

My lens still dances between capturing the sheer beauty and delightful imperfections of weddings, immortalizing everything from vows to the accidental cake-in-the-face moment. It’s an art, really – an honest portrayal that mirrors the authentic essence of each unique couple. In the grand tapestry of wedding photography. I aim to gift couples more than just a visual time capsule. It’s about creating a treasure trove of images that, when revisited, bring forth a flood of emotions, laughter, and perhaps a twinge of nostalgia for the magic that was their special day.

The year started when I traveled to Utrecht to deliver a keynote presentation for the Fearless Photographers Conference. Which I did dressed as a dragon. The talk was about creativity and childlike curiosity. Something that greatly interests me. Ask me about it another time, I’ve talked too much already. Here are some of my favourite frames from 2023…

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