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Langar Hall Wedding Photographer // Nottingham |

Langar Hall Wedding Photographer

I was extremely honoured to be Jean and Timo’s Langar Hall wedding Photographer. The wedding was extra special and the couple had certainly put their own stamp on the day. Jean and Timo currently work and live in Singapore (and a few other places) and between them have friends and family in countless countries across the globe. The wedding was in the gardens of Langar Hall, near Langar, Nottingham. A very beautiful setting for an incredible wedding.

The Wedding at Langar Hall

Jean,  her bridesmaids and bridesman got ready at Langar Hall whilst Timo and his family and ushers got ready in Nottingham. The sun was shining and there was a buzz in the air. It wasn’t bees, but lots of people from around the world gathered in one place to celebrate this wedding. Jean arrived and the wedding went off without a hitch, apart from the one between Jean and Timo. A few glasses of bubbly later and the celebrations had well and truly begun. We stuck around for a little while to have a few portraits in the grounds of Langar Hall before heading off to Jean’s Dad’s place for the reception. Unknown to the guests the couple had planned a Mexican themed reception. On cue the mariachi band started to play and the theme was revealed.

langar hall wedding photographer langar-hall-wedding-photographer-001reflection photo of langar hall bride and dad with bridesmaids watching bride anf father arriving for the wedding bride and bridegroom during wedding serviceblack and white photo of wedding guests exchange of rings groom laughing during the nuptials confetti confetti shot at langar hall nottingham photojournalism from the reception driving off in the wedding car in the field langar hall wedding photographer photos at langar hall portriat in the ruined church butterfly on brides fingermariachi band from mexico singing and sancing table layout wedding breakfast in the marqueesombreros the band singing toasts father speech best man speeches bride in sailor hat first dance shots of tequila the bride pulling a face because she didn't like the shots wedding guest dancing in the marquee bride dancing pinata men drinking shots! hello kitty mask dance floor action

A Photographer’s Perspective

I’m always intrigued and excited when people tell me that they have something different planned for their wedding. It really keeps me on my toes and hopeful of a photo or two that might be different from the norm. It also tells me that the couple want to do things their own way and put their stamp on the planning. This is such  great thing as it means the wedding will mean more to them and they’ll enjoy it more. So many engaged couples these are dropping many of the wedding formalities in favour of a more fun, personal and laid back event. From a photography point of view this gives great scope for natural and real images which get to the heart and soul of the matter. It also means that the photos will be unique.

Thanks muchly to Jean and Timo for having me a long as their Langar Hall Wedding Photographer. Thanks also to the very talented David Stubbs for second shooting on this one and for training me in the art of canape rustling.





Awesome! Love these pics!

Love these photos! Really cool style for the evening shots too!

Super work Steve, always so creative and different!

Love it Steven.
So much love and fun (and of course GORGEOUS pictures)!