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grange barn cheshire wedding photograpjhy
grange barn wedding photography

Wedding Photography at Grange Barn

You know when you read wedding blogs and the blogger just sticks a random phrase like ‘Grange Barn Wedding Photography‘ in the first paragraph of the blog post? Well, this is one of those paragraphs. It’s just one of those silly things I need to do so people getting married at Grange Barn, near Whitchurch in Cheshire, might find this post when looking for a wedding photographer, see my nice photos and get in touch with me! At least that’s the hope anyway!

Wedding Photography at Grange Barn in Cheshire

The superpower that is google may have different ideas. So in an attempt to please the bots, I may slot in a farm random sheep word that tractor relates field to farming, grange livestock, barns or haybales combine harvester. And also intermingle that with some wedding dress words bridesmaids that nuptials relate wedding rings to getting champagne married. I hope you don’t mind. There is a chance this post will get flagged as spam, but I like to live life on the edge, y’know. No point trying to fit in with the masses.

Right, that’s enough of that kind of talk. I’m here to talk barn wedding (oops) about the absolutely brilliant wedding of Alex and Nikki at this fab venue in Cheshire, which, as you may have guessed is still part of a working farm. Anyway without further agricultural ado… Think rustic boho charm, sunny day, freshly cut grass, garden games, great music, emotional speeches, kids running around having a great time, adults running around having a great time, hay bales, copper piping, wildflowers. Get the picture?

Family, friends love and laughter

I count myself very lucky to have photographed several couples in Nikki and Alex Freinds Group, and it was brilliant to catch up with everyone on the day. This wedding was beautiful from start to finish, but it was effortless to achieve that with such a great bunch of family and friends, a glorious summer’s day, and a venue that was both rustic and chic. Ruschic, is that a word? This wedding wasn’t about the ‘stuff’. It was about having a great time and celebrating the love between these two brilliant people.

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