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Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer, Hereford

This was my first time as a Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer, and this is a wedding I had been looking forward to for some time for a couple of reasons. First off, I had recently visited Herford for a wedding just down the road and really enjoyed visiting this part of the world. There are so many beautiful spots, and quirky villages to explore as well as the nearby black mountains. Secondly, I had already met Alice and Neil back in the summer for their engagement shoot and I knew then that the wedding would be a day full of fun and emotion.

Door Games and Tea Ceremony in the Big House

It’s traditional in some eastern cultures to have ‘door games’ in the morning before the wedding. This involves the bridesmaids setting a series of tests for the groom and groomsmen to pass in order to prove himself worthy of the bride. This is just a bit of fun really but can be quite competitive. In the past I’ve seen a groom having to crack an egg on his head without knowing if it’s been boiled or not, drinking Tobasco sauce, eating random chilies and answering questions about the bride.

For the tea ceremony, Alice was dressed in a traditional red qun kwa. The tea ceremony sees the bride and groom share tea with the parents, in-laws and other guests, showing respect for elders and acceptance of the marriage by the family.

Outdoor Wedding on the Lawn at Dewsall Court

This wedding was so well planned by Alice and Neil, including the weather, which was bright and warm! After the tea ceremony, the bride and groom and the guests had some time to explore the Dewsall Court estate and take in the Hereford countryside. Following this relaxed interlude, Alice changed into her wedding dress and the outdoor wedding was set up down by the lake. Neil’s uncle was the MC for this beautiful humanist style wedding.

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Dewsall Court Wedding Photography

The wedding reception took place in the gardens and conservatory of this stunner of a venue followed by great food and emotional speeches in the Wainhouse Barn. The relaxed vibe continued through to the evening reception when the wedding was rounded off with live music and dancing into the night.

I’d love to photograph more weddings at Dewsall Court, so if you’re planning a wedding here please get in touch!

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