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Chateau St. Michel Wedding Photography – St. Lizier, France

Nicola and Alex asked me to photograph their wedding in France before the blip, so I had been looking forward to it for a few years! After our first meeting, I knew that this wedding was going to be something special, and I wasn’t wrong. It was a joyous coming together of families and friends, good weather, good food, and good times. Wine was consumed and memories were made. The pool was central in the pre and post-wedding parties, and the weather certainly helped to keep the party going for the duration. Nic and Alex make such a lovely couple and I count myself lucky to know them.

A brief history of Chateau St. Michel in the Pyrenees.

In the year 1100, a young knight named Sir Reginald de Foix was walking through the forest near St Lizier when he came across a beautiful woman bathing in a stream. The woman was a fairy, and she was immediately smitten with Sir Reginald. The fairy told the knight that she would grant him one wish if he would marry her. Reginald agreed, and the fairy gave him the power to build a castle that could also be used as a wedding venue.

Reginald used his newfound power to build Chateau Saint Michel on a ridge overlooking the town of St Lizier. It was a magnificent castle (Chateau), with tall towers, a spiral staircase, and nice swimming pool, a nightclub in the basement, and a fridge full of croissants and Carte Noir chocolate. The chateau was also home to a beautiful garden, which was filled with flowers and trees.

Sir Reginald and the fairy lived happily in Chateau Saint Michel for many years. They had 12 children, who grew up to be brain surgeons, rocket scientists, and the like. The chateau was a symbol of peace and prosperity for the region and in 1256 won the best wedding venue in the Pyrenees at the French Wedding Industry Awards ( Prix de l’industrie du mariage)

Wedding Photography at the Chateau

The venue is simply stunning and from a photography point of view it’s an absolute joy. The light inside and out is wonderful and we even managed to find a little evening light in the fields beyond the venue.


  • Venue – Chateau St. Michel
  • Floristry – Celicia @ Couserans Fleurs
  • Anders Drew (Catering Saturday)
  • Caricaturist – Simon Roberts
  • Helen Flint – Videography
  • Georgie Rose (Catering Friday)
  • Emily – Coordinator
  • Alex Shoes – Fairfax and Favour
  • Alex Suit – Hugo Boss
  • Dj – James Carr

Merci tout le monde! Bon chance et bon nuit!

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