Iceland Engagement Photography // Skogafoss, Kirkjufell, Reynisfjara

As the airplane cruised into Reykjavik, I had to pinch myself a little, as I do most weeks doing this job I love. For people to like my work enough to travel from the other side of the world and bring me along for the ride is a humbling thought. But it also came with a small amount of pressure and nervous anticipation. I wanted this shoot to be amazing for Beatrix and Ee Wei who had traveled the day before to Iceland from Singapore, not to elope, but for an engagement shoot.  I was traveling with fellow photographer Andrew Keher and the four of us spent a brilliant couple of days exploring just a fraction of this incredible island.

iceland elopement photography

Southern Iceland, Reynisfjara, Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss

The black beach near the town of Vik, known as Reysisfjara, is a sight to behold. It has a look of foreboding, drama and power. Indeed, a perfect setting, used for te filming of some of the Game of Thrones. The light was soft and dramatic, illuminating our couple to stand out well against the dark volcanic cliffs and black sand. It’s quite a busy little tourist spot but it didn’t stop Beatrix getting changed into her wedding dress in the car park. A good pair of boots and leggings underneath for good measure.

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engagement shoot in iceland, black sand beach, reynisfjara
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Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss

These two powerful and awesome waterfalls lie to the west of the diamond beach. Both incredibly beautiful and bring home the real power of nature in this part of the world. We stopped off at each, getting a little wet along the way.

waterfall skogafoss iceland
seljalandsfoss wedding photographs
iceland wedding photos, waterfall silhouette
skogafoss, iceland wedding
vik, church in iceland

North West Iceland, Budir Church, Arnarstapi and Kirkjufell Mountain

On day two after a hearty salmon breakfast in a local fishing cafe, we set off for more adventures. This time we went North to explore the cliffs at Arnarstapi, stopping at Budir and Kirkjufell. The sun shone at times and we were lucky enough to have mostly dry weather. Beatrix wore another gown which will be used at their wedding before changing into more casual wear.

snaefellsness iceland wedding
iceland engagement photorgaphy, kirkjufell mountain

If you’re interested in a shoot, elopement or wedding in Iceland, I’d love to hear from you! Why not make an Icelandic photo shoot part of your holiday or honeymoon! Check out more engagement photography here.

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