Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Natural and authentic newborn photography in your own home

I do appreciate the artistry in posed newborn photography. You know, the stuff where babies are posed perfectly on a beanbag, serenely sleeping. In fact, we used to do that kind of thing ourselves and have spent many a long morning waiting for babes to sleep so we could photograph them. But increasingly, that kind of posing lost its appeal to me after having our own children. It’s a bit contrived and does’t have much meaning or story behind it. So we sold all of our wooly hats and blankets and started to focus on lifestyle newborn photography. Not only is it much more meaningful, but it’s more in line with the way that we shoot families and weddings.

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is a modern way of photographing your new family member in your own home. It’s more authentic, it’s more comfortable for you, your family and your baby.  And it produces images that will mean so much more for you as your family grows (which happens all too fast!).

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When do I book my Newborn photoshoot?

Many book in when they are pregnant so we can hold a date in out calendar. But shooting the baby in their first few days on the planet isn’t as important for this type of shoot as it is for a studio shoot. So there’s no ‘best’ time to reach out to us and book a shoot. From a few days, to a few weeks old is fine, some even wait until baby is able to sit up.

lifestyle newborn photography

To book a lifestyle newborn shoot, please get in touch by emailing, call on 07793938105 or feel free to use our online calendar to book in.