To shoot or not to shoot // Family photography

As a professional photographer, I’m constantly conflicted when it comes to getting my camera out of the bag to shoot the everyday goings on of my family. When I’ve been at a wedding… or two, sometimes the last thing I want to do is get the camera out, even though it pains me to see the kids having a great time in good light without a camera in my hand! When I do get the camera out, I can easily get snobby about the light, background and location. I do use my phone a lot which is great, I have thousands of pictures and videos documenting our adventures. As they say, the best camera is the one you have to hand at the time.

The second part of my mental battle is that I really want to photograph the family with a good camera. If my clients deserve it, why don’t my family? The improvement in technology in recent years has meant that I’m able to do this more easily than before, with small lenses and camera bodies that are even better than bulky DSLRs and lenses.

After a good rest and recharging my creative batteries, I’m eager to shoot more of my own family and have a few shoots lined up with previous wedding clients who have recently increased the size of their family. Oh, and some really exciting weddings and other shoots on the cards for 2019! Anyway, here are a few completely random frames from the end of 2018. More to follow!

family photography
photos of the kids
lifestyle photography north west
manhattan bridge new york
empire state building
lower manhattan
lucy playing clarinet
empire state building
ben at his computer
sally at grand central station
man on a train
dumbo, brooklyn, new york
christmas cake
the kids making christmas stuff
olivia on a roundabout at botanic gardens

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