Fearless Award #20

fearless award

When I started out in wedding photography some 12 years ago there wasn’t much about in the way of education, networking, social media etc etc. I had to learn my craft and build my business slowly over many years. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m definitely not, and I feel like I’m still learning my craft and honing my skills. These days though it happens at a much faster pace.

Fearless Photographers was one of the few organisations, back in the olden days, that really resonated with me and the images I try to produce. Seeing the photographs in the awards collections and being part of the community gave me hope that I could continue to be creative. I wanted to make images which were a little different and more interesting than your run of the mill shiny looking portraits that were the mainstay of wedding photography in the past.

Nowadays quirky and interesting images along with good quality documentary photography are common in the wedding photography world. Cheesy portraits and hours of lining people up are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Hooray!

Fearless Award #20

I’m extremely proud and happy to have picked up an award in the last round of Fearless Awards. There were 147 images awarded from and entry of nearly 10,000. So you can see how tricky it is to get one of these!

This image was shot during the early part of the day at Jasmine and Curtis’ House. Little Betsy was as good as gold and the life and soul of the party. I very often shoot weddings of couples with children. And having 3 little munchkins of our own I know how important it is to include the kids in everything. I also know how difficult it can be sometimes! So i feel that I can empathise with this and create images that will be extremely important to my couples and go down in their family history. Jasmine and Curtis had their wedding at Prestbury Church with the reception at Heaton House Farm.

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