Lockdown Gallery 3 | Nothing much in particular

There are tons of photos from this past year, which looking back feels like a bit of a dream. The amount of things we were not allowed to are too many to count, but the amount of things we did was equally huge. I wonder how this blip in our lifetimes will be looked back upon in years to come. Much as I enjoyed big parts of it, I really hope that it doesn’t happen again. There’s no one who hasn’t been affected by it in some way. And whilst things are calming down here, the pandemic still rages on across the globe.

I’m glad that I had my camera out at least some of the time. I’m sure we’ll look back on the past year fondly and be stronger for it.

Here are a few frames of us doing nothing much – (These photos are spread across a few months. Some full lockdown, some partial).

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