A 6 Image Panorama at St. Georges Hall in Liverpool

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How I shot this // The Concert Room at St. Georges Hall

One of the most grand and historic buildings in Liverpool. St, Georges Hall is a monster of a building which stands out in the City. Both inside and out it’s really a sight to behold. I don’t shoot there very often but every time I do it offers something special.

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On this particular occasion it was already dark after the ceremony and I wanted to create something special for Cathy and Ged. Once the ceremony was over the drinks reception took place downstairs. It gave us the opportunity to use the empty concert room.

Using one flash (Youngnuo speedlite on canon system) in front and one behind the couple I shot from the balcony. I tried first with a 16-35mm lens but didn’t particularly like the results. For a start it’s not as sharp as my 35mm lens and also I don’t like the distortion at the edges. I know I coulkd have fixed this in post. But I’m a bit of perfectionist and know that using multiple images stitched together would render a sharper and more detailed result. The work that has goneinto the decor in the room is pretty awesome.
I also wanted the couple to be doing something rather than headbutting or just staring at each other, so I simply asked them to mess around and cut some shapes.
Post Processing

The images were roughly edited in LR and stitched together using photomerge within lightroom. I took the results into photoshop to even out the edges for better symmetry, darken any distracting highlights and to remove the light stands.

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  1. Martin Hambleton says:

    This is brilliant. I like to shoot panos on jobs, but I always think in terms of that letterbox-from-left-to-right. This is more like the Brenizer method, but designed to show off the entire environment. Love your thinking!

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