Phuket // Thailand // 2017

Phuket, Thailand – A Family Adventure

In a world that’s changing so quickly it’s difficult to know what we want for out children. To be successful, to be able to communicate, to be non judgemental, to not be hooked on facebook? Everything moves so fast and we don’t get a minute to take stock, to look around and see the planet that we live on. Sally and I are having trouble keeping up with technology ourselves, so how difficult must it be for the kids? What we do know however, is that it’s our experiences and the people we meet who shape who we are. It was so great to have a break from a fast paced lifestyle and spend some time doing not much together. Here are a few images from our little adventure to Phuket in Thailand.

Wedding Photography

The main reason for our trip to Phuket was that I had been booked to shoot a wedding in Bangkok. So for the last couple of days of the trip I flew from Phuket to Bangkok for the wedding. Images from that trip will hit the blog soon.

phuket, transfer at zurich airport
lucy and olivia at the airport in zurich
ben and lucy in the sea at karon beach phuket
olivia by the sea
night market at karon beach
lucy waiting on the steps
cuddling sisters
oli on the minibus
ben with snorkel to go to phi phi
phi phi island
ready to go in the sea
into the jungle
ready to feed the elephants
down the jungle track
elephant in the water
carrying plants to the elephant
salloy getting sprayed by the elephant
elephant kiss
trunk , asian elephant
elephant spraying
phuket, elephant sanctuary, thailand

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  1. Martin Dabek says:

    Great photos and so true what you wrote. Let’s be more present!

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