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Welcome to my blog!

In this short video I go through a basic edit of a bridal preparation image in Adobe Lightroom 6. Using my own preset as well as a few gradients. The image is from the wedding of Hayley and Ben in Manchester. Adobe Lightroom Gradients For more like this, check out my patreon page

Adobe Lightroom Editing Here’s a short video (4 mins) explaining how I edited a photo from the wedding of Jenny and Chris. For most of my editing I use Adobe Lightroom version 6. This video explains how I used the crop tool, linear and radial gradients to achieve the finished image. For more like this […]

I was honoured to receive a phone call from Peter Moore who is a freelance journalist writing for the Guardian newspaper. He was interested in the wedding photography business and wanted to feature me alongside a couple of other photographers in an article. I said yes, of course. Reflecting on the article it’s clear to […]

I love to learn and improve, but it’s not always easy. Like many creative people I take too much pride im my work, I’m picky, a perfectionist and don’t take criticism very well. To be able to improve in photography you have to be open to suggestions as well as receive criticism in order to […]


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