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On 15th February I’ll be launching a small photography mentoring group using the Patreon platform. This is not just a bunch of videos like youtube, It’s not just people chatting like in a facebook group and it’s not 1-1 mentoring. This is a platform that I hope will be valuable to those who want to learn more, particularly about editing, but I’ll cover a whole load of topics.

Why is this different?

Because I’ll be available for you! As a member, you can ask me anything and I’ll give you advice based on my own knowledge and experience. You can request topics for me to produce content on and you can do this safe in the knowledge that the group is only positive and supportive (unlike much of the internet).

I’ll be using my 16 years of experience in wedding photography, mentoring, judging competitions and running workshops to create a small supportive community of photographers of varying abilities. I believe I have a lot to teach and the ability to help photographers improve their craft and business. The content will be community-led ie. members can ask questions or request specific tutorials on anything from lightroom and photoshop, to camera settings, off-camera flash and running a business.

Here’s a little summary of what I’ll include in the group.

  • Ask me anything. I’ll be available to you to answer your questions and offer guidance
  • Videos of me editing my own images using lightroom and photoshop
  • Tips on using photo editing software to improve your images
  • Critique of your images – in a positive way with advice on how to improve
  • The opportunity to join couple/model shoots with me
  • Lightroom presets, photoshop actions and overlays

Why am I qualified to help you?

  • I’ve successfully run a photography business over 15 years, covering studio, commercial, wedding and family photography.
  • I’m a qualified teacher and Adobe certified trainer. I have a passion for teaching and helping others to improve.
  • I’ve run more than 20 workshops covering editing, off-camera flash and wedding photography
  • I’ve won numerous awards over the years and have a good insight into what it takes to achieve award-winning images.
  • I’m a judge for the wedding industry awards and have judged the following awards over the past few years. Fearless Awards. WPS Excellence Awards, This is Reportage Awards, Masters of Wedding Photography, Learning to Fly Awards, Hungarian Wedding Photography Awards, Fine Art Association, Brazil.

So what will this cost?

Actually this is the good bit. It’s only £5 per month to be involved and you can participate as much or as little as you like. There will be a limited amount of places initially so I can see how it goes and get a feel for the amount of time I’m going to need in order to support the group.

To give you an idea of what might be included, here are a list of topics I’ll be covering after the launch.

  • How to speed up lightroom
  • Portfolio and single image critiques
  • How to remove colour casts
  • Techniques to get accurate white balance
  • Editing for skin tones in lightroom
  • Advanced skin editing in photoshop
  • Healing and cloning
  • Editing for photography competitions
  • Neuroasthetics: What is it about certain photos and art that makes them appealing
  • Using layers in photoshop to increase dynamic range

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  1. Craig says:

    Hi Steve,

    Hope you’re well.

    I’d like to join the group. How do I sign up?

    Many thanks,

Click the link below to check my availability for your wedding.

Click the link below to check my availability for your wedding.

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