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Weddings of all kinds exist today and that is one of the most wonderful things about our world as it is. So whether your wedding is themeless, all black or perhaps it is based on your favorite Harry Potter film, you can be sure that the fashion behind it is what is going to create some of the most memorable shots of the day. So how exactly can you pick the perfect wedding outfit? There is certainly no need to feel pressurized because you’ve probably already been pitched by your guests. However, it’s always good to have a few tips along the way, when you have little to no guidance about the wedding fashion! 

Dress or tux?

The image of the princess is always considered the classic choice of the bride at all times. Since childhood, girls dream of getting married in beautiful dresses with a layered skirt. And today the wonderful wedding dresses remain out of tradition. After all, this image perfectly fits all the requirements of a gentle, romantic and sophisticated style. If you want a little inspiration, you could look at Ronald Joyce designer wedding dresses. But who says you have to wear a meringue dress? A flowing ankle-length number, power suits, kilts, or even jeans are an option these days. As long as it’s you! 

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For the gents…

Gone are the days of ill-fitting hired suits and cravats. I’ve seen so many great suits, kilts even shorts worn by grooms in the past few years.

Going for classy? then black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, patent leather Oxfords. Nothing more, nothing less. The absolutely necessary pieces that compose a classic black tie look and can be a simple statement that will make you feel and look good. If you want to add some costume combinations because the traditional look just isn’t you, then how can you differentiate yourself? Choose a jacket with a certain colour scheme such as green, red, purple, blue- or with prints such as plaids and baroque patterns. It should be noted here that there is always the choice of white jacket that is timeless and neutral and pretty cool for winter weddings! 

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It will all fall into place…

Romantic or modern, glamorous, simple or traditional. You should always have the concept of marriage in mind because all your decisions will revolve around it. As of course the choice of wedding dress. The shoes and of course the wedding wreaths, which should match your wedding dress. A romantic lace wedding dress e.g. can go well with handmade traditional porcelain wreaths. 


Photograph your favorite wedding outfits beforehand and try on with the shoes of choice to ensure that the whole outfit comes together perfectly, which most often it does! You can ask the photographer to do some test runs with you. They’ll take the best portraits of course as they have probably already taken your engagement shots! Getting a feel of being in front of the camera also is never a bad idea; being at ease and feeling relaxed is always going to help get the best shots of the day so practice makes perfect… so they say! 

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Last but not least, plan ahead and don’t feel the need to rush. Whatever the occasion of the day is, you will be sure to feel less stressed if things are all ahead of schedule. It’s time to remember the best moments of your life.

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