Capesthorne Hall

Lightroom quick edit #3 // Raindrops at Capesthorne Hall

Raindrops at Capesthorne Hall

Isn’t it ironic? No, it’s not. It’s pretty typical of weddings in England in the summer! This image was taken using the canon 600 rt speedlite system. A couple of speedlites behind the couple and just a little ambient light from the front. And a cool couple who didn’t really mind getting a bit wet stood in front of the camera. Handheld… details on the video below. I like a lot of things about this image.  It’s instantly stunning and has the wow factor. I have a few other variations of the same image but keen to try this again soon. Most of what I do is documentary photography but if there’s time during the wedding day (and there often isn’t) I like to set something up like this. It adds another dimension to the set of images.

A few tips for shooting in the rain.

  1. Cover your camera and lens  – umbrella, sandwich bag or whatever you can find.
  2. Set up the shot so the couple spend as little time as possible in the rain.
  3. Bring a towel!

This is a re-edit of the image, I’ve tried to do it the same way for the video but it may be slightly different from the final version below, but it’s the technique that I want to get across.

Capesthorne Hall

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