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I love to learn and improve, but it’s not always easy. Like many creative people I take too much pride im my work, I’m picky, a perfectionist and don’t take criticism very well. To be able to improve in photography you have to be open to suggestions as well as receive criticism in order to become a better photographer. It’s so important that you trust the people who give the advice and know that they are genuinely there to help you to improve by being open and honest. What’s also important is that the place that you go to learn is on a hillside on the Greek coast overlooking the sea with a brilliant bunch of like-minded people!

I travelled to Greece to attend a workshop with Erika and Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios. They rank amongst the best wedding photographers in the world and I’ve admired their work ages. But more than being bloody good photographers they are also great company and brilliant teachers. I already know that their philosophy and approach to shooting weddings were similar to mine so this workshop was a good fit for me. I got so much from the trip in a short space of time, as well as a lot of things I will take away and work on over the coming months. I wasn’t told how to shoot or even what to shoot, those things are down to me and how I relate to the wedding, but I was given the tools to get the very best out of each situation and every challenge that I come across.

I already had a bit of an issue with seeing ‘photographs’ wherever I go, whether I had a camera in my hand or not. Thanks to Lanny and Erika my problem has got worse!

Here are a few images from the trip, generally messing about and practicing techniques. The portraits are from a shoot as part of the workshop.

Photography training
Two MAnn Workshop
Rim light
rim light
lanny in the mirror
coloured gels

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