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A Modern Art-Deco Styled Wedding at the Barbican Conservatory, London. It was a bright day in London on the Day of Anna and Ben’s Barbican Centre Conservatory Wedding. I was so looking forward to shooting this after meeting Anna and Ben at the Barbican a few weeks earlier. The venue is pretty unique, classy and […]

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography A series of Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography by Steven Rooney More London weddings for you guvnor! Corie and Anne were married at Holy Trinity with All Saints Church in Kensington, London, on a sunny day back in August 2017. They had an fantastic celebration with their friends and family. […]

Savoy Wedding Photography, London A wedding oozing sophistication, style and class. But this wedding at the Savoy Hotel in London was as intimate and lovely as it was grand. Yes, it’s possible to be both at the same time. When a couple as great together as these get together it seems to spread in infectious […]

I suppose they called it Great Fosters because it’s quite big. Or maybe because it’s really good. Anyway I shot a wedding there and it was really good. In fact it was great! Alicia and Cass live and work in London but escaped the M25 (just about) for their wedding at Great Fosters Hotel in […]

Great Fosters Wedding Photography // by Steven Rooney Below is a selection of Great Fosters Wedding Photography from the wedding of Sarah and James and the very, very beautiful Great Fosters Hotel near Egham in Surrey. It’s certainly one of the nicest venues I’ve been to this year and has bags of space and even […]

Wedding Photography at Kew Gardens I’m so glad that Bijal and Ossi booked me for their Kew Gardens Wedding Photography. They were such a great couple to photograph and the wedding was just beautiful from start to finish. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew is a World Heritage Site. There are iconic historical glasshouses, modern […]

This was no ordinary London Wedding. If you had just met Petra and Petr you could be forgiven for thinking they had just fallen in love and were on their second date. But no, these childhood sweethearts have been together for 20 years! And  they are as nice a couple as you could ever hope […]


|  Photos by steven rooney