Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

A series of Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography by Steven Rooney

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Corie and Anne were married at Holy Trinity with All Saints Church in Kensington, London, on a sunny day back in August 2017. They had an fantastic celebration with their friends and family. Anne got ready at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington and the reception tool place at the Virgin Limited Edition Kensington Roof Gardens, which is exactly as described, a garden on a roof in Kensington. Actually, it’s pretty spectacular and if it wasn’t for the British weather you could easily imagine you were at an exotic eastern resort. Sadly the venue has now closed. Sad face.

London, Routemasters and Kensington High Street

The wedding was a joyful celebration in the church, led by Liz who was brilliant and genuinely happy to be hosting the wedding for Anne and Corie, whom she was clearly very happy for. After recessing back up the aisle together, the party spilled out in to the street, onto the bus and down the road to the Roof Gardens. Our newly married couple had arranged for all of the guests (and me) to be transported in style on an old style Routemaster bus.

Kensington Roof Gardens. A Photographers Perspective

I have to say, I was really excited to be shooting this wedding, mostly because of the way Anne had described it to me, but also because of the venue. To have some green outdoor space in the middle of London is a bit of a rarity. This was on another level though. The weather was brilliant, the couple were awesome and the guest were having an amazing time. The atmosphere was truly infections. The wedding breakfast was set in a canopied courtyard with the sun setting behind us. We stole a few minutes at this point for a couple of portraits in the gardens before we lost the sun and the evening festivities began.
Anne and Corie are both teachers and had new friends, old friends, family and students present to celebrate with them. It was an honour to witness the amount of love in the room for these two. I’m sure they have many adventures ahead of them and I wish them all the best.

kensington roof gardens
roof gardens
bride entering church
smiling during wedding service
view from the back of the church
picture of the church in black and white
walking to the venue in london
photo of confetti throwing
laughter at confetti
table centrepieces at the roof gardens
group formal photos
laughing at speeches
bride and groom
bride and groom with child on knee
laughing at the table in kensington, london
wedding portrait
kensington, london, night time photo

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