Street Photography in London

I’ve always had a lot of respect for people who can produce good street photography. It’s one of those things that seems quite straight forward on the surface. It wasn’t until I tried it properly for the first time that I realised how difficult it is. I had a few hours to spare after arriving ahead of the  London wedding of Petra and Petr in Islington so tried my hand.

I’ve always been fascinated by people and the social aspects and stories that we see from day to day but pay very little attention to. I suppose there are certain things that resonate with me that may be completely boring to someone else. I’m sure the reverse is also true. But I like to see a story in a photograph, something happening or something going on that’s a little bit deeper than the image appears at first glance. Of course composition is a big part of it, but with any image involving people this is not necessarily the most important or most powerful aspect of any image.

I managed to get a few images with people in, but being on my own in a big city was a little intimidating. My camera is a bit noticeable too. I struggled to get close enough or have the nerve to photograph the things that really interested me from the angles I wanted. Shooting this kind of thing from a distance doesn’t work too well. So next time I’m going to take a smller camera and a pair of balls.

It was a learning experience and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

camden tube station
two old men outside a pub
walls and artwork
street photographer
camden town photography
camden market
london street
london street photography
london bus
st pauls cathedral

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