Morning mist on the beach

It’s only in the times when life slows to a manageable pace that you can take stock and make changes. It’s hard to change direction when you’re being swept along by the current. So when I had a window of a few days grace I wrote down a few things that I’d like to do or achieve this year. Nothing I wrote had anything to do with moving my business on or making more money, but were to do with living in the here and now, being mindful of the present and doing the things that make me happy. Of course the vast majority of it was to do with my family, but there are a few things that I wanted to do for myself in order to become a person who might have something interesting to talk about other than wedding photography from time to time. I’ll be the first to admit that I have too many hobbies (all on hold), but what can I say, I find a lot of things interesting. So this month I’ve managed to shoot something other than a wedding on 2 occasions and I plan to dust of my guitar and give it a strum or two.

So here are a few images I took one day at Southport Pier, in fact I think the day before the birth of our daughter Olivia.

It was quiet and still…

kodak tri-x
more fog
ice cream

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