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Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography // Worcester |

It was a real honour to be asked by Rini and Lewis to be their Stanbrook Abbey wedding photographer. It was a brilliant day with a great bunch of people at a stunning venue. The sun was shining and spring was in the air.

Modern Documentary Photography at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcester

Stanbrook Abbey is an incredible wedding venue merging historic and modern features. It was originally built as a contemplative house for Benedictine nuns, who clearly had expensive taste! I’m pretty sure there aren’t any nuns there anymore, this particular order of nuns has moved to Yorkshire, to another venue, aptly named ‘Stanbrook Abbey’.  The venue (the original Abbey at Callow End in Worcester) is composed of several different buildings and gardens, old and new but many of the original and religious features still remain.

Rini and Lewis’ Wedding at the Abbey

This was a busy, busy day, with preparations starting at early o clock as there were two wedding ceremonies. The first being the civil marriage, which took place in Callow Great Hall, and the second being a Hindu ceremony which took place in the gardens. Fortunately, the weather was nice for the second part! Actually, it was pretty hot for April. Following a few family formals in between proceedings as well as two dress changes, the wedding ended in the marquee for speeches and dancing. We even managed to sneak out for ten minutes to make the most of the low sun in the grounds to the west of the Abbey.

It was a lot of fun to photograph and a real pleasure to once again shoot a Hindu ceremony, which was full of colour and a great celebration of the coming together of two families as well as symbolic rituals and blessings to aid the couple in their future life together.

callow great hall at stanbrook abbey hindu wedding dress the bride in white dress for civil marriage at stanbrook abbey in worcestershire the groom in the corridoors of stanbrook stanbrook abbey wedding photography civil ceremony in the great hall view from the back in the abbey in worcester confetti throw confetti cannons gone wrong mandap for hindu wedding hindu wedding rituals and blessings the groom in hindu clothes hindu wedding ceremony outdoors tying the know hindu ceremony, ganesh poojan Shilarohan and Laaja Homa hands, henna bride and groom nice light in the corridors of the abbey sunset portrait of the bride and groom at stanbrook abbey first dancefirst dance photo dancing at the evening reception dancing in the marquee in the evening bokeh balls portrait bokeh portraits

If you’re planning a wedding at Stanbrook Abbey and would like to have a chat about your wedding photography please get in touch! 

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