When is wedding photography not wedding photography?

There were so many great moments at Hannah and Tim’s wedding which was began and ended on their farm in Wiltshire. Once the formalities were out of the way the party got started in a clearing next to a lake between the fields.

Every wedding is different, which is why I enjoy my work so much. When you’re looking for moments at a wedding and things going on that tell the story, it’s not really wedding photography any more, it’s just good old fashioned documentary photography. But each bit of documentary photography, although a lot less ‘shiny’,  is worth ten posed photographs. In my lowly and humble opition, images like this have a soul that will stand the test of time and will mean everything to the couple and their family in years to come.

wiltshire wedding photography 004 Hannah and Tim_ cake topper made by hannahs mum some wedding guests during the wedding ceremony bridesmaid crying during the speeches bride and groom moment mother of the groom laughing the group photo confetti boquet toss tractor arriving at the wedding in a tractor getting a lift across the field arriving at the reception selfie home brew setting up group photo up skirt labels on the pint pots in the field dirty shoes chalkboard sign wedding shoes cartwheels the tractor again puddle reflection dancing in front of the trailer reception photograph dance floor action dancing silhouette and dancer bride and groom dancing the eveining do

Here’s what they said…

“As a photographer it was very important to me that I found a wedding photographer who would provide creative and imaginative images that would exceed my expectations. Steven did not disappoint on any level. Simply outstanding. His photographs are like pieces of fine art. Unique and exceptional.” 

Taken from feedback from the Wedding Industry Awards


Great and muddy pictures 😉