Boconnoc House Wedding Photographer // Rachel and Justin

Wedding Photography at Boconnoc House in Cornwall

This was a pretty special wedding and my first time in Cornwall as a Boconnoc House Wedding Photographer. 

Rachel and Justin live and work in Canada but were married in Cornwall. Here’s what happened…

Boconnock House Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer - Cornwall
wedding dress
wedding photo from boconnock house
groom and best man getting read at the venue. Photograph by Boconnoc House Wedding Photographer Steven Rooney
rings photograph
photo of the groom arriving at the church
bride meets her dad before the wedding in the chapel
bridal party making their way to the church in cornwall.
arrival of the bride
signing the marriage register in the chapel at boconnock
Boconnock House Wedding Photographer
more confetti
Boconnock House Wedding Photographer
boconnock house wedding photography
Boconnock House Wedding Photographer
the groom during the brides speech
first dance
dancing on the dancefloor at the boconnock house wedding in cornwall
more dancefloor action
firework photograph

Boconnoc House Wedding Photographer

Weddings are about people and this particular wedding was not short of emotion and celebration. From a documentary photography point of view it’s more difficult to tell the story when there’s nothing happening, so I was in my element as a Boconnoc House Wedding photographer for Rachel and Justin. As individuals they were great to photograph, and as a couple even better. The guests had a great time because the wedding was organised in such a way that the day flowed well and things were happening all the time. It really was an amazing wedding.

About the Venue

Boconnock House in the South of Cornwall is such a beautiful country estate, with acreas of land, and many buildings, including the chapel, it’s still a working estate. The house was taken over by the Americans during WW2 but following that was left to ruin due to lack of funds. Recently Boconnoc has hosted many parties and weddings and the current owners have restored it to its original beauty.

Wedding Photography at Boconnoc House

For wedding Photography this place is just awesome. The rooms are big and bright with huge windows and high ceilings. The grounds are extensive and offer countless locations for portraits. The House itself is a great backdrop but there are also stables, outbuildings, wooded areas, paths tracks fields… the list goes on. In summary there is more than enough space and good light to keep any Boconnoc House Wedding Photographer very happy!

The last time we were in Cornwall was in the summer earlier this year. We took a camping trip with the kids. I took some photos then too. You can see them here . Cornwall Photos

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  1. Nick Labrum says:

    Stunning location and an equally great set of photos to match! Great work, I’m off to check out the rest of your blog now, keep it up!

  2. Rich Howman says:

    What an awesome set of photographs! I LOVE them – particularly those dynamic getting ready shots. Really great work!

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