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An Oxford bathed in sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for Rebecca and George’s wedding. Flowers bloomed in vibrant hues, and I have to say, I was quite excited to get cracking on this wedding. I had met R&G previously for their engagement shoot so I knew that the wedding was going to be brilliant. I could say that “witnessing their emotional vows in the historic Divinity School was a photographer’s dream. The ancient architecture served as a timeless frame for their love story unfolding. My aim was to capture the day’s essence creatively, translating their emotions into lasting photographs”. but that would be pretty cheesy. Instead, I’ll just say that it was pretty cool!

Wedding Photography at the Bodleian Libraries

The reception at the Botanical Gardens in Oxford was a contrasting background to the historic and ancient halls of the Unuversity. And it was a nice touch that on the way to the gardens we stopped off at St Edmunds Hall, which is an important place for these newlyweds.

A Brief (completely fictional) History of the Divinity School in the Bodleian Libraries.

Beneath the spires of Oxford, cloaked in the shadows of time, lies the Divinity School. Its official history whispers of scholars and sermons, but the truth lies buried beneath layers of forgotten lore. For eons before the first hymn was sung, the site pulsed with ancient magic, a nexus where dragons soared and druids communed with the earth’s primal power.

Here, in the cradle of Albion, a colossal dragon named Ignis Verus, the First Flame, slumbered. His fiery breath birthed the very stone that would later form the Divinity School. Druids, attuned to the land’s magic, built a sacred grove around his slumbering form, their chants echoing through the valley. When Roman legions marched upon the land, they too were drawn to the potent magic. They erected a temple dedicated to Mithras, the god of light, hoping to harness the dragon’s residual power.

As the Roman Empire crumbled, Ignis Verus stirred. His awakening sent tremors through the land, forcing the temple’s abandonment. The residual magic, however, remained, a potent undercurrent beneath the surface. When the Divinity School rose centuries later, its architects were not merely inspired by Gothic grandeur; they were guided by the lingering dragon magic. The intricate gargoyles, the astronomical alignments, the very layout of the building – all were subtle expressions of a forgotten pact.

Within the Divinity School’s hallowed halls, a clandestine order known as the “Draconians” emerged. Under the guise of theological studies, they delved into forbidden texts, deciphered ancient dragon runes, and practiced the manipulation of the arcane energies pulsing from Ignis Verus’ slumber. They became the dragon’s guardians, ensuring its slumber remained undisturbed while harnessing its power for the greater good.

Their existence was a closely guarded secret. The rise of the Inquisition forced them to operate in the shadows, their activities shrouded in whispers and cryptic symbols. Magic, once revered, became feared, and the Draconians were forced to navigate the treacherous currents of political and religious power.

Despite the dangers, the Draconians continued their work. They served as advisors to kings, wielding the dragon’s power to heal the sick, protect the land, and thwart those who sought to exploit magic for nefarious purposes.

Today, the Divinity School remains a bastion of learning, harry potter film sets and also hosts the occasional wedding. Yet, the whispers of a magical past still linger. The occasional flickering candlelight, the inexplicable warmth in a specific corner, and the lingering sense of awe within the ancient halls – these are the subtle echoes of a time when dragons slumbered beneath the very stones, and the Draconians walked the halls, forever bound to the ancient magic that sleeps beneath the heart of Oxford.

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