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A Wilderness Festival Wedding // Oxfordshire |

Festival Wedding Photography

Mel and Chris did things a little differently and had their Humanist Wedding in a Yurt at the Wilderness Festival. I was so excited to be shooting the day for them and it turned out to be such a brilliant experience for me as well as the most amazing day for them. I’m very thankful to Mel and Chris for asking me to do this for them and for being involved in such a special and intimate occasion. There’s always a wedding here and there where I get caught up in it all and have to try hard to hold back a tear or two behind the camera. This was certainly one of them. And I’m genuinely so pleased for these two wonderful people. Even though they might not think so as it took me the best part of a year to get any of the images on the blog! Huge congrats guys and happy anniversary! Oh and well done to Chris for getting on stage for Hip Hop Karaoke!


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