Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography

I was booked for some Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography by Leanne and John last year. Turns out it’s not an oak tree, but a very nice wedding venue in the Cheshire countryside. There are oak trees there but that’s beside the point. As for the ‘Peover’ bit, I’m not really sure where that word came from but my inner child chuckles when I see that word. I’m also sure that Peover has more than one oak tree so there is the potential for wedding guests to turn up at the wrong one. I digress.

Wedding Photography at the Oak Tree of Peover

When I met Leanne and John I had a feeling that their wedding was going ot be something special. Not because of the venue (although it’s very nice), or because of the flowers (which were also very nice) or even the wedding cake (which was very tasty!). I knew it was going to be a great wedding because of the people. Leanne and John were an absolute joy to photograph. They arranged the wedding for the right reasons and enjoyed it to the max, immersing themselves in the occasion. They both managed to turn their nerves into positive energy and excitement fot their marriage which rubbed of on all in attendance, including me!

From a photographer’s point of view.

This venue is fantastic for wedding photography, with floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides and and high ceiling, the lighting for the ceremony and reception was perfect. The grounds are lovely too and include a lake as well as gardens, trees and open countryside to the west. As an exclusive wedding venue it has everything you could need for a great wedding in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

wedding rings groom waiting nervously before nuptials the groom before the bride cam in wedding at the oak tree laughing bride during ceremony confetti after the wedding in knutsford portrait of the bride and bridegroom the room for the wedding breakfast singing at the oat tree wedding party having a great time during the wedding rock n roll at the wedding good photo with layers, bride and groom through mirror air guitar groom and bride speeches from the top table more reactions of the speeches guitarist and bride and groom first dance backlit flash bride and groom dancing from outside the venue first dance dancefloor action with wedding dress great dancing skills during first dance at the oak tree peover wedding photo drummer in the band crazy dancing, music from the band and dj drummer and dance floor oak tree of peoversparlker exit at wedding at the oak tree


I love the way you capture the day!
Keep up the good work!

Super set of images! Loving the colours. Really like the portrait in the field and that drumming shot is ace!!!

Awesome stuff Mr Rooney! šŸ™‚ Love the colours and lighting.

Love it. The drummer shot is ace!

Superb work steve!! Love that drumming shot!