Eaves Hall Wedding

Sam and Dave – An Autumnal Eaves Hall Wedding

Sam and Dave just wanted to have fun on their wedding day. And that’s exactly what they did. It was an awesome party, one of those the makes you want to put down the camera and get a drink. But I resisted the urge and carried on shooting. They had the run of Eaves Hall in Clitheroe and so made the most of the full day, from croquet on the lawn to Marryoke anywhere and everywhere. If you don’t know what marryoke is look it up, it’s certainly something that can get any wedding going very quickly!

As usual it was a pleasure to shoot an Eaves Hall Wedding, so much great light and scenery. Put a happy couple in the middle and boom, I’m one happy photographer.

Eaves Hall Wedding Dress
getting ready at Eaves Hall
bridal preparations at Eaves Hall
029 S&D
Ceremony in the Ballroom
Bride and groom going up stairs
Eaves Hall Wedding
078 S&D
bridesmaids birthday
grooms brother
best man speech
first dance
Dance floor action

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