Moments 2018

Some of my favourite documentary moments of 2018. 

Presenting all the the tears, the emotion, spontaneous laughter, stolen glances, hugs and kisses, little stories and sheer joy from what has been an incredible 2018. 

Sometimes these images come about through a combination of empathy, experience, timing and patience…. And maybe 101 other things going through my head and happening at the same time. Sometimes it’s just sheer serendipity. 

Photojournalism, reportage, candid, real, natural. Whatever you want to call it. These are my favourite moments from weddings I’ve been lucky enough to photograph during 2018. Thanks a million to all of my couples for having me along on your wedding day roller-coasters. Peace and Love to all and best wishes for a great 2019.  

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  1. Martin Dabek says:

    Fantastic work and year mate! Love your candid shots.

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