Best of… Portraits 2018

I know that ‘proper’ photography, the good stuff, is documentary, journalistic. It’s real moments that mean so much to real people. It’s the stuff that cuts to the heart and soul of the story. It comes from a connection with the people I photograph. Watching, listening and immersing myself in the occasion is the only way to truly and honestly capture the energy and emotion of the wedding.
The simplicity of a great photograph comes from an empathy for the occasion. And when people let down their guard and get lost in the moment, the photograph will take on a life of it’s own that will be a lasting memory. Not just of the occasion, but of the emotion.

Every so often though I like to say, ‘f**k that, let’s make some bokeh balls!’

Here’s a little selection of portraits and creative stuff that I enjoyed creating this past year. Some with flash, some without, but creative and mostly directed nonetheless. There are a couple from my own workshops (running again in March 2019) and two or three from a demo I did at the utterly brilliant Learning to Fly Retreat in Donegal, Ireland. (Tickets for this year’s event go on sale tomorrow)

I would like to thank all of my beautiful couples for indulging my creativity for a couple of minutes during your wedding. You’ve made me happy, and I hope I’ve done the same for you. 2018 was amazing and we already have plans for some crazy adventures in 2019. 

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  1. damion says:

    Simply stunning work Steve. I did chuckle at the opening copy.

  2. John Hope says:

    Epic work dude!! There’s not a more creative portrait photographer out there. Keep pushing the boundaries!!

  3. Sam Gibson says:

    Staggeringly good dude! Absolutely love your portrait work <3

  4. Anna says:

    Wow what an explosion of light and colour, wonderful stuff!

  5. Andy Wardle says:

    Nice one dude these are ace! Nice that you just focused on the portraits too ;O)

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