Engagement Photography at Padley Gorge // Peak District

It was really great to meet up with Kathie and Chris again for their Engagement Photography at Padley Gorge. This shoot was a week or so before the lockdown. It wasn’t all that long ago really, but it feels like a lifetime. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to adventuring in the beautiful landscapes of the world just before sunset with my camera.

Padley Gorge is a really beautiful part of the countryside, in the Peak District just west of Sheffield. Here are a few frames from the shoot.

landscepe from padley gorge in the peak district
beautiful light in the peak district
double exposure
sheffield engagement shoot
pre wedding shoot
engagement shoot photo in black and white
low sun, golden hour padley gorge
landscepe image in derbyshire
engagement shoot in peak district

Why should we have an Engagement Shoot?

Engagement shoots are a great time for creativity and, unlike weddings, allow me enough time to work with couples to help them to relax in front of the camera and build frames slowly. Being used to the fast pace of weddings, I try hard to slow down a little from engagement shoots. This is why it’s a good idea to book an engagement shoot before your wedding. It really helps me to create images that are unique to you and capture your relationship. I’m able to get to know you a little, and you can get to know me too 🙂 So that when I turn up to photograph your wedding you can enjoy yourself and be comfortable with me being around. And having seen the engagement photos you can relax and trust that I’m going to create images that you’ll love. For engagement shoots, we can go somewhere that reflects you as a couple be it a beach, city centre, back street alley or a beautiful part of the countryside such as this shoot at Padley Gorge. In fact, it can be anywhere you like in the world. I’ve covered pre-wedding shoots in Poland, France, Spain, Iceland and Marrakech.

If you liked this, check out this post-wedding shoot at another national trust property, Freshfield Pinewoods.

And if you’re interested in Engagement Photography at Padley Gorge please get in touch, I’d love to plan a shoot with you 🙂

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