Orchard Humanist Wedding and Teepee Reception

Jenni and James – An Outdoor Humanist Back Yard Teepee American English Wedding… with pies.

When you strip away all of the pomp and circumstance of  a ‘traditional’ wedding in the UK you’re left with the really good stuff that’s hidden underneath. Fun, emotion and a bunch of people celebrating the fact that two people are in love and want to have a party with their family and friends to celebrate.

From a documentary wedding photography point of view there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’re going to spend most of your time and effort on photographing the actual event rather than lines of people or still life photos of shoes. But instead concentrating your efforts on telling the story of the day by watching, reacting and immersing yourself in the occasion so that you can really represent the people and the wedding in such a way that the images will have the power to rekindle the same emotions in years to come. Because that’s what wedding photography is all about. That’s why people have photographers at their wedding. To make sure that all of the effort, expense and weeks, months and sometimes years of planning are captured forever in the best way possible. A way that will do justice to the love shown by two people on one single day in the history of time and the universe.

A Humanist Wedding

Jenni and James had their wedding in a little orchard in the gardens of James’ Parents house in Cheshire. The wedding was conducted by Celebrant Maxine Beech. Jenni and James really just wanted to have a big party and a great time. And that’s what happened. It did rain a bit though and the wedding was postponed by about 15 minutes to cater for the passing shower. A quick dash into the teepee for shelter and it was back to business. The rest is history.

page boy
bridal prep in cheshire
little boy binoculars spying on me
hats in the orchard
festival wedding
teepee orchard outdoor
humanist wedding ceremony
humanist wedding photos
hugs for the bride and groom
more confetti in the garden
humanist wedding photos
getting through the confetti
brass band
072 J&J
practicing speech
groom toasts
laughter at speeches
in the tipi
speeches fromt he best man
groom looking a little embarrased
jenni and james
embrace after speeches
first dance
107 J&J
tipi sunset
portrait next to teepee

To see more Humanist Wedding Photos check this out… http://stevenrooneyphotography.com/humanist-wedding-at-the-casa-de-laila/ 

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