Tipi Wedding Photography // Annabel and Joel

Tipi Wedding Photography

When you think about Tipi Wedding Photography what springs to mind? Red Indians / Native Americans? A guy with a headdress dancing around a totem pole with a tomahawk? Well, if that was the case then it would certainly make for some great photos!

Tipi Wedding Photography

The PapaKata tipis are completely awesome and allow people to put a unique and intimate wedding reception venue pretty much anywhere.

They are robust, elegant and spacious enough to be a great addition to any celebration. Annabel and Joel wanted something different for their wedding and wanted to stay pretty close to the church and Annabel’s family home. The ceremony took place in the historic church of All Saints Daresbury which is the home of stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Lewis Carroll book, Alice in Wonderland.


I’ve done a fair amount of  Tipi Wedding Photography this year and thoroughly enjoyed it every time. These pointy tents provide a great atmosphere without any pomp and circumstance and allow the party to spill out into the field which is fantastic, especially in the summer. In the colder months the fires inside heat up the whole place as well as adding to the atmosphere.

As a photographer there are easier venues to light, as Tipis have no windows and the only light comes from the door openings and the odd spotlight. Fortunately I love to use flash photography to light the parts of the tipi that need it without spoiling the cosy ambience created by the fairy lights and fireplaces.

Native Americans

There were none to be found, but there were a few Mexicans! Annabel had arranged for a mariachi band to start to play as they left the church and get the party going over the road where the Tipi was pitched. It was a great part of the day and surprised a few people!

For me it was great to have the chance to do some wedding photography in a tipi once again. Can’t wait until the next time.

wedding detail photographs, dress, shoes, flowers
photographs from inside the church during the wedding service
marriarchi band
mexicans at a wedding
speeches photos from annabel and joels wedding in daresbury
papakata tipi images
tents and cake cutting
dancing in the tipi photographs
tipi wedding photographer

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