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An Outdoor Humanist Wedding // Waterbeach // Cambridge

Liverpool Wedding
flowers on the table
humanist ceremony
humanist wedding
table football at a wedding
arrival of the bride
you don't see this kind of emotion in liverpool, the father of the bride
bridal boquet
bride and groom laughing together
the bride crying during the humanist wedding
more laughing from the bride
bride and bridegroom
wedding through the trees
humanist wedding photography
just married
humanist wedding photographer
portrait through the trees
more portraits shot through the reeds
the child has filled it's nappy
father and son playing table football
bar at the wedding
mother of the groom speech
the groom's speech
more speeches in the marquee
best man's speech
bride and groom laughing in the speches, lots of emotion here.

Rachel and Josh were married in the garden of Josh’s parents house in Waterbeach, Cambridge. It was a humanist wedding ceremony which reflected the spirit of the day and of this beautiful couple. It was a truly incredible day with a feckin lovely bunch of people.

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All images shot and edit by Steven Rooney: Liverpool Wedding Photographer 

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