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Muslim Wedding Photography in Manchester Zaynab and Usman’s wedding was an incredibly joyous and emotional occasion from start to finish. And whilst there was much tradition and lots to do from one day to the next, what was clear to me was that here we had a  very happy couple and a welcome joining of […]

Emily and Andy were married back in December of 2018 at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. It was a classy laid back wedding with close friends and family. It was a real pleasure to spend the day photographing these truly lovely people. Here are some of my favourite frames from the day…

Anna and Paul were married on one of those glorious summer days we had last year. And on the one day in the year it wasn’t raining in Manchester! It’s a good job too as they had planned a barbeque for the wedding breakfast! King Street Town House King Street Town House is one of Manchester’s […]

I really don’t want to spoil this post by waffling on about how great it was to shoot at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester (it really was great). I don’t want to spoil it by trying to add keywords like Victoria Warehouse Wedding Photography or distract from the photos by trying to play a word association game […]

They say you can’t please everyone all of the time. But Carmen and Rob did seem to succeed on their wedding day. They wanted to incorporate several things to make the day perfect. And it really did have something for everyone. As always I was really excited to be able to capture some traditional wedding […]

There’s something about a winter wedding that I really like. Over the years I’ve shot a ton of weddings through the winter, they are more popular than you might imagine. Couples who I meet about winter weddings  seem to have a similar viewpoint. They just want to have a great time, regardless of the weather. […]

Megan and Tim were married at St. Winifred’s Church in Stockport, Manchester on a wet and windy November afternoon. Then it was off to the city centre for their Great John Street Hotel wedding reception. Here are a few of my favourite frames from the day.   Great John Street Hotel Wedding Photographer Manchester Wedding […]

Megan and Tim tied the knot in November. Typically for Manchester, it rained all day. But who really cares. Not me, and certainly not Megan and Tim. As a photographer, working frequently in Manchester, I have to be very adaptable to the weather. So it comes as second nature to me to be able to […]

It never rains but it pours. But that didn’t put anyone off having a great time at Julia and Gavin’s wedding! Here are a few frames for now. The wedding took place at Manchester Town Hall and the reception was at ‘On the 7th’ at Media City. More to follow soon. Promise Update, see the […]

Hayley and Ben’s Wedding at Mottram Hall Some days you just get that great light that sits in the right place at the right time. A time which also coincides with a handsome couple standing in the right spot. I guess this kind of light is the holy grail for many photographers. You can only […]


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