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Wedding Photography Tips – Top  6 Ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a wedding photographer? Here are a few notes about what goes on in my head when I’m shooting a wedding as well as my top 6 wedding photography tips. The way I see it Over the past year or so […]

Choosing a wedding photographer is easy. Said no one ever. But I hope what you read below will help a little! I really don’t envy people in the position of having to choose a photographer for their wedding. There’s so much variation in style, quality, ways of need two wedding photographers? working, albums, products and pricing that […]

In the first part of this article I gave a few tips on how to get better wedding photographs during the preparation stages leading up to the wedding ceremony. Part 2 will focus on the rest of the day. I did consider an article for each part of the day, but it kind of goes […]

Part 1 – Getting ready. For me the early bride or groom preparations are an important part of the day as far as the photography goes. I’ve already done everything I can by this point to make the bride or groom aware of what I would like to capture during this part of the day, […]

First things to do after getting engaged. After the initial excitement of saying ‘yes’ starts to simmer down and your heart rate slows to a normal level, you’ll begin to realise you have a lot to do. This is an enormously exciting time, however can also seem quire overwhelming, so follow this list of ten […]

I was honoured to receive a phone call from Peter Moore who is a freelance journalist writing for the Guardian newspaper. He was interested in the wedding photography business and wanted to feature me alongside a couple of other photographers in an article. I said yes, of course. Reflecting on the article it’s clear to […]


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